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Can I drive my golf buggy on the Estate?

The majority of the roads on the Estate are private however they are officially classified as private roads of which the public has access, that does not mean they have a right, it means there is no physical barrier preventing them access. Therefore any motorised vehicle must be insured. Drivers must be over 16years of age to drive a golf buggy, drivers may be asked to prove their age when stopped by the Estate security.  Buggies should keep to the left as opposed to the middle of the road to allow vehicles to pass.

Do I need to display a resident ‘R’ sticker in my car windscreen?

It is not compulsory to display a resident sticker however we encourage you to do so as this assists Estate security to identify authorised users. For example at random Traffic Checkpoints any driver not displaying an ’R’ sticker (or Club members badge on Wentworth Drive only) will be stopped and questioned. We request residents display the ‘R’ sticker in the front windscreens of their cars. If you would like a sticker please email and provide your name, address and the registration plate of the vehicles you would like a sticker for (they must be residents - not daily staff or relatives).  These details are held by the Estate office only and are not passed onto third parties.

Can I teach my son or daughter to learn to drive on the Estate?

Non-residents have no permission or authorisation to use the private roads to teach people to learn to drive, this includes professional driving instructors. A resident cannot be prohibited from using the Estate road to learn to drive as long as they are legal as if they were using public roads,  i.e insurance, tax & MOT.  However we request residents refrain from doing so as the roads not solely private to residents, as by definition the public has access that does not mean they have a right, it means there is no physical barrier preventing them access. The Estate roads are busier than initially perceived and are used by greenkeepers, contractors, couriers, Club members and alike.

Can I drive an E-Scooter/Segways/Hover Boards on the Estate Roads?

E-scooters, segways or hover boards (powered transporters) can only be used in the curtilage of residents OWN private property.  They CANNOT be used on the Estate Roads, Estate Land, Golf Club Land or Public Roads. Click on the link for more details:

Can I get ‘superfast’ broadband on the Estate?

We understand BT Openreach has already installed infrastructure to provide an upgrade to superfast broadband, for example BT infinity™ either by fibre to cabinet or fibre to property. Which is available depends on the location of the individual property. Please check with your current broadband supplier for how to upgrade

Can I walk on the Estate?

Contrary to many people’s understanding there is only one main public footpath on the Estate, that being West Drive, this leads from the A30 junction all the way along to the junction with East Drive/South Drive. The footpath then leaves the road and proceeds across the East Course and exits onto Wellington Avenue. All other footpaths are Estate footpaths, not public.
The Estate roads are private and are not for the public to use for recreational purposes.
The golf course land and associated open areas are owned by the Club not the Wentworth Estate. We understand their position is similar to the Wentworth Estate’s in that their land is not to be used by the public, for example dog walking.

Can I drive over the alcohol limit on the Estate?

Contrary to general perception a driver cannot be over the legal alcohol limit and drive on the Estate roads. The roads maybe private but they are officially designated as ‘private roads of which the public have access’ (that is not to be interpreted as the public are authorised to use the roads, but as there are no physical barriers stopping them a driver could enter the Estate authorised or not), therefore a driver and the vehicle must be legal and road worthy as if driving on the public roads.

Can I fly a drone on the Estate?

For personal use on the Wentworth Estate we must ensure the safety and protection of privacy to residents and visitors, so we therefore ask the following (Commercial drone users please contact the Estate office) :
Always keep your drone insight
You must stay below 120m (400ft) to comply with the Dronecode
Please read the manufacturer’s instructions before operating your drone. 
Keep the right distance away from people and property 50m (150ft)
Crowds and Built up Areas is 150m (500ft)
Failure to fly responsibly could result in criminal prosecution. Legal responsibility lies with you.
Introduction to drone flying and the UK rules | Civil Aviation Authority (

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