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All properties on the Wentworth Estate are subject to a number of covenants designed to maintain the character of the Estate.  The Wentworth Estate Roads Committee is empowered to enforce these covenants by the Wentworth Estate Act 1964.  Consequently, all building works and alterations or modifications of existing buildings require the consent of the Committee.  This applies even if the work is “permitted development” under the planning regulations of the Runnymede Borough Council, exempting it from the need for council approval.  The approval of the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee for all works on the Wentworth Estate is in addition to, and independent of, any approval required or not required by Runnymede Borough Council.

Document and Information Requests

01344 842819

The Wentworth Estate Office is regularly contacted by solicitors and developers requesting information.  For standard enquiries there is no charge. However, a charge may be imposed for more complex or in-depth questions. This will be agreed prior to handling the query based upon a £125 per hour research fee.

The Wentworth Estate Office is also contacted regularly for document copies.

These are provided for a fee as follows:

Wentworth Estate Act 1964


Statutory Instrument 2617


WERC Formal Approval


WERC Decision Letter


WERC 3-year Accounts


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