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Application Forms & Info

An application to the Committee for approval of building works should include:

  1.   The completed Application form, signed and dated;

  2.   The correct Planning Fee;

  3.   Hydrogeological report or Geotechnical Survey (or equivalent) in accordance with the Planning Guidance and Process.  (for basement construction or alteration only).  If not submitted the application will be considered but the decision will include a condition the report is submitted prior to demolition.

  4. Tree Report:  A detailed report annotating all existing trees, including species, size and condition, and any proposals regarding tree removal and replacement.  (for replacement dwellings only)

  5. One copy on PDF of each of the following emailed to

    • Location Plan:  A location plan to a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500 showing an area sufficient to identify the position of the site; the application site should be edged in red.

    • Site Plan:  A site plan to a scale of 1:500 or larger showing the existing and proposed buildings and their relationship to plot boundaries and neighbouring houses (including those on the other side of the road).  All trees and shrubs existing and proposed (in particular all trees that will be lost) should be clearly shown.  Any additional proposed buildings should also be shown.

    • Existing and Proposed Elevation Plans: to a suitable scale (1:50 or 1:100).  For extensions and alterations, the new work should be clearly distinguished.

    • Existing and Proposed Floor Plans:  Existing and proposed floor plans showing the internal layout to an appropriate scale (1:50 or 1:100) and roof plans, if prepared.  Gross floor areas of “habitable” and “non habitable” buildings should be indicated for the existing and new or extended buildings.  For extensions or alterations the new work should be clearly distinguished.

Please attach a completed Planning Checklist to the top of your submission materials.

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