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Estate Roads

Many of the Wentworth Estate roads were laid out in the 1920’s when the horse was the accepted norm of transport; none of them were constructed to cope with the size of modern vehicles or the current volume of traffic. Although the roads are continuously being improved, they are narrow and winding, which is part of the semi-rural character of Wentworth. This does mean, however, that additional care is called for when driving about the Estate. Please obey the 20 mph speed limit, be considerate to other road users whether on foot or bicycle or in a car, and avoid driving on the verges. Please ask your visitors and staff to park inside your property, so that the roads are kept free from obstruction.

Although the Estate roads are private they are legally considered as ‘private roads of which the public have access’  therefore motorised vehicles must be street legal, i.e. taxed, MOT and insured. Other forms of motorised transport, in particular golf buggies MUST be insured.  It is the policy that drivers of golf buggies must be over 16 years old and used to access the Clubhouse only. Recreational equipment for example, motorised scooters and Segways are not permitted.


A covenant attached to all properties on the Estate obliges an owner to have prior approval of the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee before any tree having a diameter of 9” (225mm) or a height more than 2 ft. (600 mm) from the ground is felled or lopped. The Committee views any breach of this covenant seriously. If trees are felled without prior approval an owner will be expected to remedy the breach.


There is a constant need to care for the tree stocks on the Estate, and the Committee is always willing to approve judicious felling or trimming in the interests of good management. There is a tendency by some, however, to love only those trees viewed in the gardens of others, with the landscape in the foreground of their own garden nicely cleared to improve the view. If this practice were universally implemented, the effect would be disastrous, hence the need for this provision. The policy adopted is that the permission to fell is not withheld where there is a good reason: over-age, dying, or dangerous trees, roots affecting buildings, thinning to admit more sunlight where light is significantly compromised, groups of Cypresses that have been allowed to become overbearing. Residents should apply to the Estate Office, which will arrange contact with the Estate Manage or a Committee member to set up an appointment for a site visit.


Generally the verges adjoining the private roads on the Estate are owned by the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee. It will maintain them to the extent its limited budget will allow, but relies on and is appreciative of residents who look after the verges and footpaths outside their properties.

The planting of shrubs or flowers (and alike) or the construction of rockeries or beds is prohibited to maintain the consistent appearance of the Estate.

Estate Footpaths

One of the attractive features of living on Westworth Estate is the number of private walks and footpaths for the use of residents and their visitors. Some routes cross golf course fairways or run close to or over streams so care is required, particularly when young children are present.


Our small shopping centres are convenient and friendly places to shop and provide a wide variety of goods and services. They add to the character of the Wentworth Estate. But, like many such centres, they are under pressure and the only practical way to help is to make as much use of them as possible.

Rubbish Collection

Runnymede Borough Council operates an efficient privatised refuse and recycling collection service which takes place on the same day each week, unless the schedule is upset by public holidays.


There is also a public refuse and recycling site a couple of miles away at Lyne where all types of household and garden rubbish can be taken free of charge. Check Runnymede website for details and opening times.


The Estate Office receives many complaints about bonfires. If you or your gardner need to have one please consider the neighbours and impact. Consider factors such as; the weather and wind direction, how big, how often, how long it burns for. When having the bonfire it should be managed, for example don't over pile it and then leave it to smoulder, try and keep the heat up as this creates less smoke, mixing wood with green waste will help.
As an alternative please do conisder Runnymede Borough Council's Green Waste collection which for a reasonable annual fee (depending on the number of bins) will take it away 01932 838383.


Another common cause for complaint are dogs. Please do not allow your dog to roam the Estate roads, the golf courses or other people’s gardens. Do not allow your dog to foul verges or footpaths. It is not only unpleasant for other residents, but can cause diseases which can be particularly hazardous for young children. Dogs that bark persistently for hours on end can cause great distress to neighbours.

Garden Machinery

It is a convention that noisy garden machinery such as mowers, chainsaws or leaf blowers are not to be used on Sundays or public holidays (or prior to 8:00 am on any day).

Property Boundaries

Occasional disputes arise over the exact position of boundaries between properties. Over the long period of time since the plots on the Estate were first laid out, it is possible that the exact position of the boundary has become confused. If property owners feel that the position of a boundary with their neighbour is not correct, and they cannot agreed between themselves where it should be, a Chartered Surveyor should be appointed to adjudicate. The Wentworth Estate Roads Committee can only become involved if the boundary adjoins its land.

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