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Wentworth Residents Association

The Wentworth Residents Association (WRA) promotes the interests of residents of the Estate and protects them from external threats. In addition to championing resident causes, we also offer events and an excellent selection of member benefits.


Our Primary Purpose

Our primary purpose is ‘to represent the interests of the residents and owners in respect of all matters affecting the Wentworth Estate. So aside from the special events and benefits, being a member also allows us to keep you aware of any key issues that may affect our unique Estate through our informative quarterly newsletter or from this website.  These include traffic mitigation and the monitoring and resisting of continued external threats, such as the ongoing development of the Longcross village and the proposal to develop 71 houses on half of a site north of Trumps Green.   It is vital for every resident to be aware of, and have a voice in issues affecting us today, from significant local area construction plans to potential road and airport developments, which are often of a strategic and sensitive nature.

Member Benefits

The Wentworth Residents Association (WRA) is proud to curate exclusive offers for all of its members.


Your WRA membership not only supports the important work of the Executive Committee but allows you access to our exclusive member-only events


Our thanks to our sponsors for their ongoing support which enables our events to be run at no cost to the members.

Also a big thank you to Wentworth Club for allowing us to use its facilities and showing its ongoing commitment to the local community.