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Wentworth Estate Roads Committee

Wentworth Estate Roads Committee (WERC) is charged with maintaining the estate’s physical environment and controlling new property planning and development.

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Guidelines and Resources

Meet the committee

Meet the executive committee driving the strategy of the WERC 

Meet the Estate Manager

Your main point of contact for all matters regarding the maintenance of the Estate, James Periton, the Estate Manager

The Act

In 1962 with the majority of the development of the Estate complete, a private act of Parliament was promoted to move maintenance of Estate common areas and enforcement of Estate covenants from the hands of the development company Wentworth Estates Ltd. into the hands of local residents.  The Wentworth Estate Act 1964 established the Wentworth Estate Roads Committee to own and maintain the roads and other common areas of the Estate and to monitor and enforce compliance with Estate covenants.  Following lengthy negotiations, on 31 July 1964, the Wentworth Estate Act 1964 was passed. 

Meeting Minutes

For maximum transparency, the WERC happily provides meeting minutes to all road rate paying residents of the Wentworth Estate who request them. You must be a Road Rate payer and have a created an account on this website to access the meeting minutes.

Code of Conduct

Click to view the WERC Code of Conduct

Tender Policy

Click to view the WERC Tender Policy


Photos taken by the WERC while they carry out their work maintaining the beautiful Wentworth Estate

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