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Road Resurfacing of Wentworth Drive and Pinewood Road

The WERC is delighted to announce that the WERC and Wentworth Club have agreed to resurface and edge the entire length of Wentworth Drive as well as a section of the adjoining Pinewood Road.

It will be the most significant resurfacing project, co-funded by the WERC and Club to the WERC's exact road specifications, for decades. With Wentworth Drive being the most utilised and hence prolific road on the Estate, the result will enhance the Estate for residents, club members and visitors alike.

Works are already underway and have been divided into 5 phases to minimise disruption and allow unfettered access to the Clubhouse from one direction or another. These phases, with anticipated timings subject to weather, are the following:

Phase 1 - December 2023

Wellington Avenue to the Edinburgh Car Park

Phase 2 - December 2023 - January 2024

Around the Clubhouse and up to 1st West

Phase 3 - January 2024

1st West to the junc. Pinewood Road

Phase 4 - January - February 2024

Pinewood Road to Stayne End

Phase 5 - February - March 2024

Pinewood Road to the A30

Centar Resurfacing has been appointed as the contractor for these works. Centar has undertaken numerous projects on the Estate and is familiar with our Working Rules plus the expected contractor’s etiquette on the Estate.

During the preparation works and in particular the laying of the edging blocks, there will be restricted access during the working day and - at certain times - there will be no access so please use an alternative route. Access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Prior to the days of actual resurfacing, we will notify the relevant residents of the date/s when the section of the road will need to be CLOSED (unless in the case of an emergency). We will advise residents, if they need to travel, where to move and park their vehicles temporarily. Mondays will be avoided in order not to interfere with Runnymede's weekly refuse collections.

We would appreciate your patience during these important works and, as always, please contact the Estate Manager at with any issues or questions.


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