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Our beautiful estate

The Wentworth Estate is a marvel of picturesque beauty. Nestled amidst the lush, rolling landscapes of Surrey, the estate exudes a tranquil and serene ambiance, making it a haven of peace and elegance. Majestic trees line its well-maintained roads, creating a natural canopy that changes hues with the seasons. The gentle undulation of the terrain, interspersed with natural ponds and streams, adds to the estate's idyllic charm. As the sun sets, the estate transforms into a serene tableau, with soft lighting accentuating the architectural beauty and the natural contours of the land, making the Wentworth Estate not just a place to live, but a visual and sensory experience of unparalleled tranquility and beauty.

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Virginia Water Neighbourhood Plan

The WRA supports and works closely with the Virginia Water Neighbourhood Plan.

Please help us and be part of creating a viable and sustainable future for Virginia Water


Photos taken by the WERC while they carry out their work maintaining the beautiful Wentworth Estate