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Wentworth Drive I Resurfacing Update

Updated: Feb 20

The Wentworth Estate Roads Committee (WERC) is pleased to report the successful completion of Phases 1 & 2 of the planned resurfacing works on Wentworth Drive. The new section, between Wellington Avenue and the clubhouse, of Wentworth Drive is a massive improvement both in terms of the quality of the road and the channel edging that holds the road for greater durability plus the functionality of rain water dispersion. Kudos to the contractor, Centar Resurfacing, for its work to-date with minimal disruption to the residential community and the Club's members wanting to access and exit the clubhouse.


Phase 3 - Wentworth Drive from the clubhouse to Pinewood Road is well underway and should be completed mid-February.


Phase 4 - Pinewood Road to Stayne End should be completed by early-March.


Phase 5 – Wentworth Drive from Pinewood Road to the A30 and the overall project should be completed by end-March 2024 as per the original schedule.


Our thanks for your continued patience and cooperation during the times of restricted access and road closure. Whilst driving through the works, please reduce your speed to 5 mph as there have been a couple of near misses with the contractor's workforce due to excessive speeds. Thank you!  


For any further information, please contact the Estate Manager at


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