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WRA Notification of Annual General Meeting - 24th March 2024

Notice of Annual General Meeting:

4.00pm Sunday 24 March 2024

AGM Announcement

The WRA AGM will be held in the Ballroom at Wentworth Club at 4pm on Sunday, 24 March. All Members are invited to attend.

Please register at or click the RSVP link below or reply to this email.


Further, if you are considering to apply to serve on either the WRA ExCom or the Roads Committee (WERC), please let us know at

According to the WRA's Constitution, all candidates need to apply at least 14 days before the AGM so no later than 4pm 10th March. If applying, please provide a bio and an explanation of your motivation to serve on the relevant committee.

If there are any contested positions in one or both of the committees, there will be elections and all registered WRA members will receive an email from Mi-Voice who are experts in independent and fully managed multi-channel electoral services. The email will provide a unique code for your household that will enable you to vote in any elections. 

The full rules for this AGM can be found at the following link.  

Kind regards,

WRA Executive Committee


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